Oxygen-rich contouring IN New Smyrna Beach, FL


Pioneered almost 100 years ago, lymphatic drainage is a form of  holistic treatment that promotes lymph node efficiency, clearing your body of waste and toxins. This, coupled with increasing your body’s natural oxygen flow, assists in body contouring goals and weight loss. Our revolutionary lymphatic drainage system represents the future of wellness.

Oxygen-rich contouring IN New Smyrna Beach, FL

What are possible Benefits of
lymphatic drainage?

Can assist in weight
loss and body contouring

boosts immune
system efficiency

nutrient absorption

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What is lymphatic drainage?

What is
lymphatic drainage?

Your body’s lymph nodes function as its “sewer system,” transporting waste, fat, and nutrients to other areas of the body. Lymphatic drainage massages help boost your lymph nodes to maximum efficiency, creating a comfortable and relaxing method of maintaining bodily health.

Lymphatic drainage has been in use for many decades, with proven results. The new Slimyonik | AIR BodyStyler is the latest leap forward in the sector, coupling relaxing lymphatic drainage massages with a nasal cannula which increases oxygen flow within your body.

How does it work and
what are the benefits?

Pressure-wave massages target deep layers of connective tissue, revitalizing your lymph nodes and boosting your metabolism. Your body’s natural detoxification process kicks into gear, breaking down and eliminating fat deposits and waste.

In addition to massaging the most vital areas of your body, the Slimyonik | AIR BodyStyler utilizes a nasal cannula to increase your oxygen flow from about 21 percent to 30 percent, which assists in expelling fat through the lungs.

Lymphatic drainage is the perfect complement to other forms of body sculpting and wellness treatment.